The Hartmanice Memorial Association was established in 2002 with the goal to save and reconstruct the dilapidated synagogue in Hartmanice. After the reconstruction was completed, the Memorial to the Coexistence of Czechs, Germans and Jews in Šumava was opened there. The mission of this Association is to support tolerance among nations. This mission steers the exhibition and programs that are oriented against xenophobia and racism.


Jan Bašus
Director of Quentin 

Dana Bérová
former Minister of Information Technology

Jan Dobrovský
Entrepreneur, consultant

Zuzana Jonová
Entrepreneur, author and manager of programs of regional development and bilateral cooperation.

Michal Klíma - Chairman
Managing director of the publishing house Economia

Jana Klímová
Expert on educational programs in the Prague National Gallery

Jakub Roth
Business manager ČSOB

Petr Schönfeld

Petr Štěpánek
CEO (The State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic)

Jiří Weiner
Production manager of the publishing house Economia

Věra Weinerová