The Mountain Synagogue in Hartmanice Welcomes You!

Since 1883, it has been a house of prayer for more than 200 citizens of Jewish faith, later a carpenter’s workshop, and even a warehouse for used truck tires... Now, after almost 70 years without dignity, the Hartmanice Memorial Association has reopened the synagogue with the highest elevation in the Czech Republic.

Welcome to a Czech Cultural heritage site that received the Jury Award in the National Building of the Year Contest for 2006!

Inside you will find modern expositions and multimedia presentations:

  • The Coexistence of Czechs, Germans and Jews in Šumava
  • Šumava villages before and after the Iron Curtain
  • The Iron Curtain (coming soon)

Explore our educational programs and offer your students an experience they won’t forget. Join us for a concert, lecture or a theatre performance.

We look forward to seeing you here!

Find out who congregated here. Did they speak Czech or German? Did multiple languages make life difficult?