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The guide of the synagogue is Václav Diviš, a former teacher (also taught Hebrew). Thanks to his captivating storytelling, a visit to the synagogue ends up being an unforgettable experience. Perfect for a group of pupils, students or seniors. Mr. Diviš guides in both Czech and German language. If you are interested in a guided tour in one of these languages, please call the synagogue ahead, to make sure Mr. Diviš will be in the synagogue. Calculate about 1 - 1,5 hours for the tour.

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Are you organizing a trip for visitors other than Czech?

The exposition in the synagogue exists in a Czech, German and English versions. The German version is presented on the exhibit's panels and display cases, the English version is available in brochure form at the synagogue entrance. To schedule a tour of the synagogue and its exhibits with a foreign speaking guide, contact us by calling +420-723 953 426 (synagogue), 732 631 176 or 739 258 546 (guides) or email us


- BY CAR(From Sušice, 9 km)
Leave Sušice by crossing the bridge over the Otava river in the direction of Kašperské Hory. Continue on passing through Dlouhá Ves and look for the first bridge crossing the Otava River on the right. Cross this bridge and continue on to Hartmanice.

Click here to find the best connections. Hartmanice belongs to the disctrict Klatovy, so pick "Hartmanice [KT]" from the choices.

Seeing Šumava from the seat of a bike will help you discover a lot about the history of this area. There is more to see and understand if you know such things as why there might be empty meadows with fruit trees. Stop by the synagogue and get to know some of the meadows you biked through back when they were pulsing with life.

Biking routes in Šumava which will bring you to Hartmanice.


Combine your visit of the synagogue with the visit of the Museum of Dr. Šimon Adler in Dobrá Voda

Dobrá Voda lies 2 km from Hartmanice direction Železná Ruda. The exposition of the Museum of Dr. Šimon Adler in his birth house introduces the culture and religion of the Jewish population that lived in the border regions. It also introduces the story of the holocaust victims from the family of the rabbi Adler. Part of the exposition is a reconstructed original kosher butcher shop and an interior of a Šumava tavern.
Tel.: 376 593 412